The New Autel Evo FPV 4k Mini Folding Drone

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The Autel Evo Foldable 4K Drone

With the rising popularity of the DJI Mavic drones, we have been waiting for a company to rival them with a better product.  Well Autel has done just that with their all new Autel Evo Drone  At first glance, the Autel Evo looks like a copy of the Mavic Pro with some slight design changes but look again.

Autel Evo 4k FPV Folding Drone

While the Evo does seem to mimic the specs of the Mavic Pro such as a 3-axis gimbal, intelligent flight modes with obstacle avoidance, 30 minutes of flight time and a max operating distance of 4.2 miles.  The Evo takes it a step further and hits the Mavic Pro where it hurts, in the Camera and Controller areas.

Autel Evo Folding Drone 

Autel knew they have to come out with a superior product.  They achieved this my including a 4K camera which can shoot at 60fps as compared to the Mavic Pro at 30fps.  

Autel Evo 4K Camera Drone

An additional upgrade over the Mavic Pro is the controller.  Autel has created a controller which has a built in 3.3" screen for real time 720p video so there is no need to connect your smart phone.  Although, you can connect your phone if you prefer but this makes flying all the more easier.

Autel Evo Controller

All in all, I think the new Autel Evo Drone is going to give the DJI Mavic Pro a run for their money.  In my opinion, DJI has become somewhat complacent being that they have dominated the market.  Autel is stepping up the game and competition with the Evo.  We love it.

You can check it out on their site here --> AUTEL EVO 4K DRONE

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