New Drone User Guide What to Know

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What To Know As A New Drone User

If you are new to Drones, Quadcopters or any other type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, there are a few things you should before you take to the air. These include but are not limited too registering your Drone, whether a license required and where are you allowed to fly.

Do I have to register my Drone with the FAA?

Whether or not you are required to register your Drone depends on a few factors. The current requirements for registration is if your Drone weighs in at between .55 lbs. to 54.99 lbs. If yours falls within this weight range, then you are required to register it with the FAA. Don't freak out though, the registration process is extremely simple and only costs $5 USD.  

You simply go to the FAA's Registration Website and create an account. Once you have created your account, you will be asked for your Name, Address and email.  You pay the $5 fee and they will assign you a registration number. Afix the registration number somewhere on your Drone and you are done.

Where am I allowed to fly my Drone?

This is probably one of the most asked and important questions.  Airspace is classified into different classes such as B, C and G.  The only airspace in which you are legally allowed to fly without any further permission is Class G Airspace.  Class B and C Restricted Airspace is off limits unless you have been granted permission to fly there. If you live near an airport like I do, you will most likely be in Class B or C Airspace within the surrounding areas but always check first.

Here is a cool website that is an app that will tell you where you can and cannot fly.  It is called AirMap and resembled Google Maps and is very easy to use.

What are the Best Drones for Beginners?

When you are starting out flying, I would suggest you get a cheap Drone that is preferable under $100 to learn with.  There are 100's of Drones under $100 on the market that are perfect for beginners, packed with features and easy to fly.  We have a few personal favorites that we sell and still fly ourselves because they are alot of fun. Check them out below.

The E58 Combat Drone w/ 720P Camera - $99.99

E58 Combat Drone Quadcopter

SkyHunter Pro Foldable Drone - $89.99

Skyhunter Pro Drone Qusdcopter

Can I Fly My Drone Commercially?

This has also become a very popular question lately.  There are alot of professional photographers out there who want to expand their service offerings but are new to Drones.  Drones and Aerial Photography have exploded over the last several years with more and more opportunities to make money.  Hold up though, you can't just go out and buy a Drone and start using it for commercial purposes just yet.

 You will need what is called a FAA Part 107 License.  This is a written test with multiple choice questions. If you pass the test, you will get your license and be certified to fly your Drone for commercial use.  There are several online study courses for the test and I have also known several people who have used Tony Northrup's Youtube Study Course.

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